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Grissom Elementary School Supplies for 2016-17


Quantity Description

4 Plastic 2 pocket folders, no brads

4 24 Ct. crayons (Crayola preferred)

1 Primary Composition books (60 page)

1 Zippered pencil bag (no boxes)

8 Glue sticks

12 Pencils – wood #2

1 Folder with brads (for art)

1 Box of markers (10 count)

1 Highlighter (any color)

1 Child size set of earbuds or headphones (student choice)

When purchasing backpacks please remember they must be able to 

fit into lockers and NOT have rollers or wheels.

Additional Classroom Wish List - Please choose 2:
3 Boxes of tissues
1 Container hand sanitizer
2 Containers of clean-up wipes
1 Box quart or sandwich sized zipper bags
1 Tub baby wipes
1 Package 4 ct. playdough (any colors)
1 Package plain white paper plates, any size (no decorations, no Styrofoam)

1 Package small dixie paper cups

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