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Grissom Elementary is part of Oklahoma's A+ Schools program. Fine Arts opportunities are abundant at Grissom - from art and music classes taught during the school week to extracurricular classes taught by volunteer artists and musicians, students have many opportunities to express their talents and creativity!

Our core values

We value...

Learning. Our greatest challenges and our greatest successes are found in igniting students’ curiosity and fueling their passion for creativity. Learning is the priority of our school, and students’ learning and well-being are the primary focus for all decisions implemented by the school.

Being the Change. We are the difference-makers in the lives of children and families, and the change agents of their world and ours. We are the dream-builders that bridge children’s dreams and their present and future realities. We are role models who teach children, parents, and community members more by our choices and actions than by any other means.

Relationships. We all need to feel respected, appreciated, loved, and cared-for. Our connections with one another in no small part make us who we are. We will foster and nurture them.

A Positive Environment. Children thrive in environments that are active and engaging, safe and fair, with clear and consistent expectations. We all do.

High Expectations with Abundant Support. Individual potential is best developed when expectations for high levels of achievement are combined with targeted, scaffolded support. We set the mark high for each individual, we help each reach it, and we celebrate his or her success.

The Potential and Possibility of Each Child. It is our duty and joy to find and enhance how each one can shine. We cannot give up on any child.

Individual Diversity. Each of us can learn and does learn, though not in the same way or at the same pace.  The unique physical, emotional, intellectual, and social qualities of each individual are valuable assets to our school.

Strength of Character. The quality of our relationships, our relationships to each other and even our relationship to self, depends on the quality of our character. Trust and respect are diminished in its absence.  Knowledge and achievement are hollow without it.

Accountability. Because we are equal in our importance and our value, we are each accountable to one another, no matter who we are, how big or small. We all make mistakes; we will be honest about them, will learn what we can from them, and will move past them together.

The Collaboration of Team and of Community. We support one another in helping each individual reach her or his full potential.  When we have exhausted our educational or emotional resources, our team is here to assist and encourage us. We find in our team and in the community what we need to take the next step.

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Grissom Elementary School
6646 S. 73 E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74133