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Grissom: A School with a Personal Approach

At Grissom Elementary School, students receive a personalized education in a safe environment.

“The teachers care! If you have a kid that doesn't quite get the concept of something, they will work with them. If a student excels at a concept, they will give them a little more meat so that they can continue to grow in that area,” said Grissom parent Ruth Ann Miller.

Ruth has had three children to attend Grissom. One is currently in the fifth grade. She is excited about the many changes that have been happening around Grissom. 

“I love seeing how the faculty is continually improving, and they aren't staying stagnant. The kids learn how to manage computer time while using paperback books to keep a balance. It’s a good combination for them to learn in all avenues.”

With a strong emphasis on fostering strong positive relationships and nurturing, students will always be able to call Grissom home.

“I most remember all the friends I had. The teachers were always super supportive, which was important for me since I didn’t always believe in myself. That helped me out a lot and has gotten me to have two high school credit classes,” said former student Spencer Dailey.

Spencer is now an 8th grader at Edison Middle School. He attended Grissom from pre-K through 5th grade. There, he enjoyed the freedom to run and play during recess, as well as the attentive learning environment Grissom offers. He recalls that during class teachers would spot check students' work and offer assistance.

He also has fond memories of the 101-Mile Run Club, which has a long legacy at Grissom. Led by Mr. Mills, the club assembles before the start of the school day. Students go outside to run or walk laps around the track. This helps the students get daily exercise while assisting to wake them up and get the blood flowing before entering their classrooms.

Jane Charrier has been a para at Grissom for 14 years. All 3 of her boys have attended Grissom, and they all loved it. Jane believes what makes Grissom so great is the staff.

“The teachers and staff are awesome; they are all friendly and courteous. They make Grissom fun and fantastic work environment,” said Jane.

Throughout her time at Grissom, she has witnessed a lot of change.

She said, “The constant at Grissom has always been great teachers. Over time the student body and demographics change, even the way of learning, but having good teachers is always key.” 

In recent years, Grissom has worked to bring technology into the classroom and get a computer, iPad, or Chromebook in almost every student's hands.

This technology allows students to have more of the materials they need to learn at their fingertips, so less time is spent in transition. These devices are also used for testing purposes which saves paper and offers instant results. The results help teachers determine the student's exact needs and set plans tailored to them. All 2nd through 5th-grade classrooms have Chromebook carts, with enough Chromebooks for every student. They use the Chromebooks for reading, math, social studies, research, and more. The younger students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are provided iPads or an updated tablet to use.

Grissom has recently had some very exciting renovations.

“A lot of things have been refreshed in the past year. Everything is nicer, cleaner, newer it doesn't feel like you’re in something from the ’80s or ’90s. It didn't bother me much, but it's nice to be in a new place. I'm excited for the students, and I think they’ll have a great time here.” said Spencer.

Grissom has added a wing to the north end of the building to replace the old prefab in the south end. The new building is also a storm shelter. It has four very spacious new rooms for pre-k, kindergarten, and specials.

The front entryway of the building has also been revamped, making it more secure and accessible. There is now a process in place for visitors to go through 3 sets of locked double doors to enter the building. These doors are controlled by staff in the main office who must buzz the visitors in. Also, handicap parking spots and a ramp have been added to the front and back of the building.

“The renovations took about a year, and it was exciting to watch its progress and see it be built. These renovations give students something fresh and new to come back to,” said Jane. 

Grissom students and staff are set for another successful school year. To learn more about the Grissom family, please explore the website.