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Bus Routes

We provide bus transportation for:

  • Non-transfer elementary students living 1.5 miles or more from their school; and
  • Non-transfer middle-school, junior-high or high-school students living 2 miles or more from their school.

Buses may arrive up to 15 minutes after the scheduled stop time. Students should remain at the stop up to 15 minutes after the scheduled stop time. If students wait longer than 15 minutes, call 918-833-8100.

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To receive instant notifications of bus status to your smartphone:

  1. Download our smartphone app, SchoolWay
  2. Subscribe to your bus route(s) under DISTRICT-GROUPS


Grissom bus drop-off and pick-up locations

Only a couple of buses drop off and pick up students at Grissom.


Smaller buses or buses transporting primary age children use the bus loading zone, marked below and clearly painted in the parking lot.

Full-size buses find it difficult to navigate our small parking lot, especially when there’s traffic during drop off and pick up. They drop off and pick up on S. 73rd E. Ave. at the south side of the school. At their drop-off and pick-up point, there are steps that go from the curb to the sidewalk leading to the school. There is a crosswalk marked in the parking lot for those students to pass safely.

diagram of school bus drop off and pick up location

Bus stops