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Our students have an awesome time participating in Grissom Elementary 101 Mile Club.  Each year we log hundreds of miles!

Running Club Information

1. The 101 Mile Club issues a challenge to its members at Grissom Elementary to attempt to run or walk 100 miles by the end of the school year.

2. The purpose of the 101 Mile Club is both to promote awareness and improve the fitness level of all students.  Besides an increased fitness level, the 101 Mile Club will also help: build friendships, increase self-esteem, promote goal-setting and self-discipline, and foster a positive "can do" attitude.

3. The students may run miles:

A. Before school from 7:00-7:25 a.m. on Mondays - Thursdays.  Mr. Mills will supervise along with parent volunteers.
B. During P.E. class with Mr. Mills supervising.
C. On nights, weekends, and school holidays with parent/guardian supervising.
D. PLEASE NOTE - A total of 50 miles can be counted toward the overall goal of 100 miles for the student if they run away from Grissom under adult supervision ("Off Campus" miles).  No more than 50 "Off Campus" miles will be counted towards the 100 miles.  All other miles must be run at Grissom under the supervision of Mr. Mills.

4. The Grissom 101 Mile Club is open to any student at Grissom and is FREE.  

Special THANK YOU to the Grissom PTA.  They generously fund all incentives, awards, and a newly paved and widened track.

Running Courses

There are two courses at Grissom the students will use for running.

1. The outdoor track located on the playground - 2 laps = 1/2 mile, 4 laps = 1 mile

2. Our school gym - 8 laps = 1/4 mile, 16 laps = 1/2 mile, 32 laps = 1 mile

If at all possible we prefer to run outdoors. The cutoff is normally a wind chill of 40 degrees or less.  We use Channel 6 News website as a guide to the morning's weather.  Students may want to wear "sweats" on cooler days.  In case of rain, extreme cold, or excessive winds, we will run in the gym.

To reach the outdoor track, please exit from the cafeteria if you are eating breakfast.  Find us by exiting through the North Hall (3rd Grade Hall) if you enter through the main entrance.  You can always find us by heading to the playground.

Special Recognition

All students reaching the 100 mile goal (or more) will receive a certificate and special recognition at the end of the school year.  In addition, trophies will be given to first, second place male and female students who run the most miles during the school year.  Also, Tulsa Public Schools will award a medal to each person to log 100 miles or more.

The Grissom 101 Mile Club ran over 12,000 miles last school year (the record is 15,000 set during the 2011-2012 school year).  The Tulsa World, KOTV Channel 6, Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Magazine, and Tulsa Kids have all recognized our accomplishments at various times in the media.  Our club is also being used as a "Model Program" for Tulsa Public Schools.  51 Grissom students broke the 100 mile mark last year (the official record is 73 set in 2011-2012 school year).  Let's do even better this year!


The Grissom 101 Mile Club thrives through parent volunteers.  Any time you could give to help punch cards and encourage students would be appreciated.  Please contact Mike Mills at 918-833-9472 if you're interested in volunteering, or just simply "show-up."  Thank you for lending a helping hand.

Contact Us

Mike Mills
PE teacher/ 101 Mile Club Sponsor